Avoid Common Holiday Hazards this Year!

Avoid Common Holiday Hazards this Year!

Holidays are a great time of year to spend with the family, create memories, and eat whatever you want! Unfortunately, there is a downside to everything and this year take precautions in your South Denver home. Most don’t take into considerations the rise in fire hazards this time of year. The candles are lit, and the trees are plugged in, but are they in a safe spot? Some things to look for around the holidays that will make it merrier:


First, watch what you’re cooking. Typically, more people are baking during the holidays, but find themselves busy doing other things. Take caution in knowing almost $2 billion worth of damage is reported each year during Christmas, due to fires.


Also, watch where to you place things by the heater. Depending on what kind of heating system you have, make sure you are keeping wires and tree a good distance from the electricity. Sparks could start flying causing a very unpleasant holiday.


Finally, most fires are caused by your very own Christmas tree. They are, in fact, very flammable and could go up into a fire easily. Keep them away from any lose wiring or outlets. Definitely, don’t pull a “Christmas Vacation” movie and have Uncle Bernie sit next to the tree with a burning cigar!



Have fun and stay safe this Christmas! Most of all, keep everyone safe from all the potential threats that are surrounding your South Denver home.