As Traffic Continues on I-25, Smart Commute Saves the Day

As Traffic Continues on I-25, Smart Commute Saves the Day

With all the construction going on around Denver, the traffic is starting to get congested on Interstate 25. Although it is just a six-mile stretch of highway, it does cause some problems for commuters during the work week. Work has started on the new I-25 Express Lanes Project that will relieve the stress of driving to and from the city in the near future.



Coming to the rescue is a nonprofit geared towards alleviating the number of cars on the busy highway until the construction is over. The new mobile application is going to be available for all smart phone users in the very near future. Smart Commute Metro North is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation to ensure residents are guided with ease through the traffic.



According to the Denver Post, “We’re trying to create an actionable thing that people can do instead of grinding their fingers into the steering wheel while sitting bumper to bumper,” said Paul DesRocher, spokesperson for Smart Commute in the article. “The mobile app will let people know when traffic is bad, and will provide options for alternative commuting, like vanpools and bike routes.”



In addition to the mobile app, Smart Commute is handing out 10-ride Regional Transportation District ticket books to daily commuters who live in the Denver area. “We’re really trying to focus on community change,” DesRocher said in the recent article. “The books are for people who drive their cars. We’re trying to give them an incentive to drive to the park-n-ride, hop on the bus and see how easy it is.”



Once the Express Lane Project is finished, resident commuters can look forward to extended vehicle lanes and three more resurfaced general lanes in both directions. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the construction is going to be completed October 2015.



This local update courtesy of your South Denver Community Expert.
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