Spanish Fly Beach Club to be Replaced Next Month With Boondocks

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Spanish Fly Beach Club to be Replaced Next Month With Boondocks

After three years, the Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club has shutdown in downtown Scottdale. It was the first hotel pool lounge, without the hotel part. Originally, it was owned and created by Greg Donnally, who also owns a number of other restaurants in the area. The location was purchased by new owners that plan on opening a restaurant called Boondocks.



Nearby businesses’ complained about the nearly naked women walking around the pool at all hours, in addition to loud music and people, so they were pleased to hear a new more moderate restaurant/bar was moving in. According to, almost everyone was happy about the shutdown, “Bye bye Spanish Fly!” said Bill Crawford, president of the Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life. “The run of one of the worst offenders in the Scottsdale bar district has come to an end. The owners promise a new upscale restaurant to take its place.”



Boondocks will be opening at the end of next month and is located at 4341 N. 75th St., in downtown Scottsdale. The atmosphere is promised to be soothing and enjoyable for all types.



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