Performing Arts Center Hosts First Summer Concert Series

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Performing Arts Center Hosts First Summer Concert Series

The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts hosts its first summer concert series. In Arizona, the hot sun can get in the way of having a fun experience. So, air conditioning and great music equals the perfect escape. The series is meant to get people out to discover new things about their community, and local bands are playing now until August 15.


Inside their main theater will feature concerts every Friday, starting at 8 p.m. Performances include: the Walt Richardson Band, Mogollon, the Sugar Thieves, Caribbean Cruisers and Cold Shott and the Hurricane Horns. Just like their other year round series, this one will be open to the public.


The arts center is known for their cultural, art and music, so why not start a summer series. They have had free outdoor winter/spring concerts, since it’s much cooler, the past 27 years showing signs that the new indoor concerts are going to be successful. Abbey Messmer was in charge of booking the bands that are sure to please.


“This being the first year we’re doing it, we wanted bands we’ve worked with for years and know our staff and have a following that comes out to see them, ” Messmer said in the article. “These bands, like Cold Shott and Mogollon, have great attendance. We’re hoping the same audiences will come out and experience the theater and take advantage of the tacos and drink specials.”


Working with Distrito, some of the most delicious tacos in Scottsdale, the arts center is going to make it a fun night for everyone. Also, $5 drink specials start at 6 p.m., so get there early to partake an interactive social hour.


Get tickets online at


This local update courtesy of your Central Scottsdale Community Expert.
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