Veterans Attend 3-Day Golf Camp to Further Healing Process

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Veterans Attend 3-Day Golf Camp to Further Healing Process

Wounded veterans were invited to take part in a three-day golf camp at Inverness Golf Club in Centennial last week. Armed Forces vets joined together to hit drives, chips and putts.


Team Semper Fi funds recovering veterans with an athletic program aimed at inviting them to do outdoor activities – this time it was golf. Three days of laughter and golf lessons was just what the doctor ordered for these men who served our country so courageously.


“Team Semper Fi’s motto is recovery through sport,” said Casey Fisher, who is the program director for the athletic program, in the recent Centennial Citizen article. “What we strive to do at every event whether it is like this, a triathlon event, camp, or marathon is to provide an opportunity and a situation that is safe, comfortable and can aid in their recovery.”


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition, and many of these veterans still suffer from it everyday. Chris Bowers is just one of many that has injured during a mission in western Iraq. He had his left leg amputated, but still has the courage to play competitive golf. Bowers encourages other veterans to get into the game and boost their recoveries.


“To see the change from not being able to hit a ball to hitting great shots was really neat to watch,” said Bowers in the article. “A lot of these guys had never played a round of golf. To watch them get frustrated then hit a good shot and build confidence was neat. Having an outlet to go out and compete is really cool.”


Next year, they will have the three-day golf camp available for veterans again. It will be towards the end of July and is once again planned for Inverness Golf Club in Centennial.


This local update courtesy of your Centennial Community Expert.
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