Ready For A New Centennial Home?

In Real Estate on August 26, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Ready For A New Centennial Home?

Centennial has many different homes to offer home buyers. From single family homes with lots of space and bedrooms to town homes with little maintenance. There is something right for almost any buyer.


Many times people want or need to move due to a change in their life. This could be a growing family, change in work or one of many other things. Whatever the reason, you need to know that you are ready for a new home. Here are a few questions you can use to help answer this.


Ready For A New Centennial Home?


Do You Have Equity In Your Current Home?

Most homeowners don’t have significant equity in their current homes until they have lived in them for a least 5 years. This is because the first few years of a loan, the payments go mostly towards interest and very little goes towards principal. You may find that you need this equity to help cover selling, buying and mortgage costs when moving.

Do You Have Different Needs In A Neighborhood?

When most people buy their first home, they do not have kids and / or a family yet. Often times this means they purchase their first home with work, nightlife, convenience or something similar in mind. Later in life they may find that they have different needs for a neighborhood such a school districts, more kid friendly and so on.

Is The Current Housing Market Appropriate For You To Move?

An up or down market may be appropriate for you. In a down market, you may sell for less and spend more time on the market, but this might be the only time your dream home is affordable for your income. In an up market, you may find that your home sells faster and for more money, but your buying power is less than in a down market.

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