Create a Functional Backyard Space for Your Best Friend

In Blog, Real Estate on June 11, 2014 by Community Expert Team
Create a Functional Backyard Space for Your Best Friend

Create a beautiful outdoor space that works for you and your best friend. Dogs are family, but when it comes to your yard, they can sure ruin the landscape quickly. With a little extra work, and some simple additions, there is a way that you can make it an attractive place that will sell in the future.


Okay – So you are not going to have the perfect yard if a pooch is running around in it all day. The only thing you can do is control the area and to keep it healthy for everyone. Of course, some training is going to be had with your pet. Teaching him/her the boundaries of the yard, and specific places to go when it is time to seek relief, can make a world of difference.


Another idea, get a water fixture that can serve both as a way for your pet to cool off and to keep the yard attractive. Just steer away from ponds or pools that can be hard for your dog to enter and exit. A low to the ground water fountain, or a waterfall, could help with the resale value as well.


If your dog likes to dig, add a sandbox. Some like to bury their bones and treats; the last thing you want them to do is tear up your lawn. By simply installing a small area that is made up of either sand or pea gravel can greatly reduce torture to your grass. Just make sure to keep a shovel handy to clean up the area when necessary.


Other things you can do to make your yard more pet-friendly is to use rocks to edge flower beds or foot-tall shrubs to protect your flowers. Avoid any kind of metal-edged fencing that could possibly hurt your dog. Also, select plants that reduce fleas such as lavender, rosemary, and mint, staying away from potential poisonous plants, of course.


These are all great suggestions to make sure you and your dog can live safely, while enjoying the backyard that is part of your home. Future plans to sell your home will come much easier when the yard is still intact, freeing up a lot of extra stress.


This local update courtesy of your Centennial Community Expert.
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