Center Park Receives New Addition to the Amphitheater

In Blog, Community News, Events, news, Press Release on November 12, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Center Park Receives New Addition to the Amphitheater

Funding to cover the Centennial Center Park amphitheater has passed. Now, the city’s music stage can be protected throughout the year. The amphitheater plays a vital role in the entertainment area of Centennial. Costing $750,000, they want to make sure the cover will be finished in time for next year’s events.



Thanks to Open Space for providing the funds for the park improvements. In addition, there will be numerous upgrades to the facilities including: a new electric system, overflow parking, and other supportive uses for the amphitheater.



The design goal for the stage cover, according to and the Community Development department’s principal planner Heather Vidlock “is to compliment the Center Park design theme and features while taking advantage of the mountain views.”



Since its grand opening in 2012, the park has won a variety of awards for its unique design. It is 11-acres, and can hold up to 3,000 people. Centennial residents and non-residents can rent the space for hourly rates. The new cover will, indeed, increase sales for the park, and generate new business!



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