5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Centennial Realtor

In Blog, Real Estate on August 12, 2013 by Community Expert Team
5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Centennial Realtor

The right Realtor can make home buying an enjoyable experience and help you through all of the paperwork and stress while finding your the right home for you and your family. But the wrong Realtor can really cause a headache and can sometimes even be of no help at all.


5 Questions Your Should Ask Your Potential Realtor:


How Long Have You Been In Residential Real Estate?

Ok, so the first question is kind of double sided. Just because someone might be new does not make them a bad choice. If you do find a realtor who is new and seems like a good fit for you at the same time. Make sure they have a good support system in place at their brokerage to help with any issues that may arise.

How Many Homes Did You Sell Last Year?

You don’t necessarily need someone who sold 100+ homes, but make sure that your Realtor is doing enough business to take them seriously and know that they know what they are talking about.

How Many Days Does It Take You To Sell Your Average Home?

Realtors can’t make homes sell like magic, but if they really know the market conditions their homes should be selling quickly. When a Realtors homes sell quickly that means that know how to price a home. This benefits their clients because it means they are getting the most money possible while causing the smallest inconvenience for their clients.

How Close To Asking Price Is Your Typical Final Sales Price?

This question accomplishes a lot of the same that the last question does. It means your Realtor knows their market and how to market a home to sell.

What Type Of Marketing System Do You Use To Sell Homes?

Don’t be impressed when a Realtor tells you their listings go to the MLS, their brokerage website, Trulia, Zillow or any big real estate website. All listings go to these places. Have them tell you what truly sets them apart. Do they market to local neighborhoods? Do they have additional online presences? What Makes Them Special?


With these questions in hand, you should have a great start to finding the perfect Realtor.



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