3 Mistakes Centennial Home Buyers Often Times Make

In Blog, Real Estate on August 19, 2013 by Community Expert Team
3 Mistakes Centennial Home Buyers Often Times Make

Many mistakes can happen when buying a home, whether it is your first time buying or third, mistakes happen. These mistakes can be not knowing the location well enough, mis-judging your finances or one of many others. This is why using an experienced Centennial Realtor is always a great idea. They will help guide you on the home buying process and help you make the best decisions possible.


3 Mistakes Centennial Home Buyers Often Times Make


Having Eyes Bigger Than Their Stomach

Everyone has heard of the stories from their friends or on TV about the people who bought the cheap home, fixed it up and gained $100,000 in equity for a little sweat. This sounds fantastic, but in reality it can be stressful and exhausting and sometimes no real equity may even be gained due to poor quality and other issues. Make sure you know what you are getting into and that you can handle any projects that your home may need. Also make sure that you know they cost of every project before purchasing your home. You may be surprised to find how expensive many home repairs truly are.


Not Knowing Their Credit Well Enough

Credit scores are how lenders judge your risk factor when loaning you money for your home. If you present more risk, they will charge you more interest on your loan or worse, not loan you the money at all. Knowing your credit score well ahead of time will help you prepare and have the best possible score when it comes time to get your home loan.

Not Knowing Your Neighborhood

You may love your new potential neighborhood at 2 in the afternoon, but it might be a whole different story at 9pm. Maybe it gets too busy for you, maybe it is loud and you like quiet, maybe it’s too quiet and you want more kids. Visit the neighborhood multiple times before buying and talk to the neighbors, they will be surprisingly honest about the neighborhood.

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