Visit Castlewood State Park for Snakes Alive Every Sunday

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Visit Castlewood State Park for Snakes Alive Every Sunday

Join Colorado Parks and Wildlife for their ongoing Snakes Alive event every Sunday from 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. Located at Castlewood Canyon State Park, visitors can get up close to a variety of native snakes. Take a chance, even if you are afraid, to meet these wonderful creatures that are apart of the Colorado wildlife.


Sid and Nancy, the park’s two snakes, are related and love to have an audience for their big meal every week. “We haven’t sexed them to know what their sexes are. The names are arbitrary. They are brother and sister bull snakes,” said Ron Claussen, president of the Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park, in the Castle Rock News-Press article.


Their snake friends have been in the Castlewood area since 2008. They were found by a resident in his backyard, right by Chatfield State Park, and decided to bring them somewhere safe. Ever since then, visitors have been watching these two siblings grow up right in front of them.


Starting out as a few weeks old, they could both be held in one hand. Their first home at the park was a small aquarium, but now they have their own special enclosure right in the visitor center, according to the article. Sid and Nancy are 5 feet long and their choice of food is large rats.


Make reservations for their programs by calling the park at 303-688-5242.


This local update courtesy of your Castle Rock Community Expert.
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