Task Force in Castle Rock Helps 20 Families Daily

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Task Force in Castle Rock Helps 20 Families Daily

At the Douglas/ Elbert Task Force they struggle each day to help 20 families with food, clothing, and money. Sadly, once the 21st family wanders in the door it is too late. There just aren’t enough supplies to go around every 24 hours, especially during the holiday season.



According to Castle Rock News-Press, Jenny Follmer, the client service manager at the Task Force usually stops at 20, a task force rule. But it’s the holidays. “We’re so swamped,” said Follmer, sitting behind a desk that has on it the day’s stack of file folders with 20 families’ paperwork in them. But even after the 20, Follmer still tries to make the effort to help the next three or four, with calls to local churches and residents.



Every month, a family can get food, depending on the demand, from the food bank and stamps. Daily stories become more sad and depressing for the Task Force to hear, but they must keep going to help these desperate people in need of survival. To learn more about what the Task Force does, in Castle Rock, visit their website at: www.detaskforce.org.




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