Five Fun Facts About Castle Rock

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Five Fun Facts About Castle Rock

Castle Rock has been growing many, many years with its rich history going back to the 1870s. Rumors of gold and land created by Homestead Act of 1864 drew settlers to the area, and today more than 53,000 call the city home.

If you’re thinking of settling down in Castle Rock, here are five fun facts that might seal the deal:

1)      The city is surrounded by beautiful rocky buttes that feature stunning views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

2)      Castle Rock was named for the prominent rock formation that overlooks the city, but what put it on the map was the discovery of rhyolite stone in the butte near Plum Creek. Rhyolite is a igneous, volcanic rock that can have a great many appearances depending on how it erupts, but it is always stunning.

3)      The town is known for its mild and pleasant temperatures. It’s located in an area that is shielded from the mountains and just outside of the reach of the extreme heat of the plains.

4)      Castle Rock residents live, work and play all in one spot. You can experience everything from designer boutiques to small family owned restaurants, and everything in between, without leaving the city.

5)      It boasts an historic downtown area, 265 acres of parks and more than 44 miles of trails, making an active lifestyle easy.

We could go on about this lovely town. If you want to learn more, go to or

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