Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Giving Back Through Color

In Community News, Events on August 6, 2013 by Community Expert Team

Every year the city of Castle Rock’s Fire and Rescue teams give back to the community through the annual Paint-A-Thon program. This is their chance to spruce up a few homes through sweat and hard work.


The program is meant for Caste Rock volunteers and the Fire and Rescue team to team up and provide some home improvement through painting to residents who are physically or financially unable to do so.


The plan is to paint up to three homes on Saturday September 14th and Saturday September 21st. Each day will end at 5pm or whenever the work is completed. Anyone who is physically able and over the age of 13 is welcome to volunteer. Volunteers ages 10-13 will be accepted with an accompanying adult. Volunteers will receive snacks and water as well as all materials provided. Volunteers are also encourage to come prepared with sunscreen and old clothes.


Anyone who would like their home considered for a touch up or paint job should fill out an application online at, or at Fire Headquarters, 300 N. Perry St. All applications need to be in by August 30th to be considered.


5 Quick Painting Tips:


1) Never scrape old paint unless you have tested it for lead. Lead poisoning is serious and dangerous.


2) Always use a high quality brush, you will save time and do a better job.


3) Always make sure there is adequate ventilation. Even walls paints can have high VOC contents and are harmful to breathe.


4) Wear sunscreen when painting outside. Nothing worse then going home with a nasty burn.


5) Take you time and do a good job. A slow worker who does a good job is ALWAYS better than a fast worker who does a bad job. Maler bei der Arbeit

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