Are You Ready For A New Home?

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Are You Ready For A New Home?

When most people think back 5-10 years they can hardly believe how much their lives have changed. Maybe you’ve gotten married, had kids, changed jobs, got a pet or one of many different life changes.


Often times what comes with these life changes is the need for a housing change as well. Maybe you need more space, a larger yard, closer to work, a different neighborhood or one of many different needs in a home.


But how do you know that you are ready for a new home? Here are a few ways:


Are You Ready For A New Home?


Are You Comfortable Moving In The Current Housing Market?

Housing markets are constantly changing. Castle Rock is experiencing growth in it market right now but that doesn’t always mean it’s time to move. If you are in a down market and sell, it may take longer to sell your home and it may sell for less, but you will have more buying power and may end up saving a significant amount on a new home. If the market is hot, you home may sell quicker and for more money, but you will have to spend more to get the home that you want as well.

Are Interest Rates Attractive?

Interest rates are always moving with the market. Do the current rates make you happy with you buying power and your repayment terms? If not, maybe waiting is a good idea. If you are happy with current rates, take advantage because you never know when they will change.

Is Remodeling Or Adding On An Option?

Sometimes remodeling or adding on are not even an option, but if they are, they are worth looking into. If you love your neighborhood and just need more space this could be perfect. You may end up saving money since you won’t have the costs of selling, buying and securing a mortgage.



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