Proud to Be Bike-Friendly; Ahwatukee Increases Safety Awareness

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Proud to Be Bike-Friendly; Ahwatukee Increases Safety Awareness

Ahwatukee has become a cyclists’ community. There are a number of bike lanes and paths for locals to enjoy. It is a much healthier and easy way to get around town. The area considers itself bike-friendly and has been increasing safety awareness.


Bicycling Magazine ranked the community 15th for most cycle-friendly in 2012. There are concerns for residents to increase their attention to biking safety, as well as to wear protection at all times. According to the Daily Journal, Ahwatukee resident and avid racing cyclist Karl Fazio has more than 20 years of experience and has seen more cyclists riding in the village every year — many of them without a helmet. “There’s a lot of tension out there between cyclists and drivers,” Fazio said. “My thing is, pretend you’re a car. Better to be seen than not be seen. Make eye contact. That’s definitely the key.”


Stay alert and stay focused when biking around Ahwatukee. Although, it is considered a bike-friendly community, you want to be safe. When it comes to being green, this is the best way to commute around the city. Everyday is another beautiful, sunny adventure!

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