Harry Potter Ahwatukee Summer Camp at Summit School

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Harry Potter Ahwatukee Summer Camp at Summit School

Harry Potter fans are loving the new theme that the Summit School of Ahwatukee has launched for their summer program. The middle school camp, Camp Summit, goes through the end of June giving students the opportunity to experience a Hogwarts-style experience that they are going to love.


In addition, they are having a spy camp. Kids can choose between Harry Potter or being a spy during the month. Since it began two years ago, the camp has grown quite rapidly. Matthew Feller, middle school camp supervisor, said in the Ahwatukee Foothills News, that he and his team wanted to give students a camp experience that they would be excited about, so they decided to let them vote on what they thought would be interesting.


While attending school all year, students got to decide what they wanted to do this summer and there seemed to be a huge desire for Harry Potter. The fictional character has gained so much popularity in the last decade with the book series and then the movies. People of all ages enjoy the creative story lines, and the characters that are portrayed in the films.


“Our big focus is on friendship skills, communication and on building positive relations with each other,” Feller said in the recent article. The camp offers each student different activities related to the books such as wand building, creating robes, dueling one another and playing the fictional game from the children’s series, Quidditch.


Feller and his team built Quidditch hoops and placed them out on the school’s field, similar to the movies. The only downfall is that the camp is only available for young students, so older fans are left out in the cold. Students are still allowed to sign up for the summer classes at the Summit School of Ahwatukee.


For more information please visit www.summitschoolaz.org.


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