Get Home Ready for Baby; Tips for Proofing the Place!

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Get Home Ready for Baby; Tips for Proofing the Place!

So, you just found out you’re expecting, and your Ahwatukee home isn’t ready? Following these simple measures will ensure no accidents can occur. Of course, it is hard to predict exactly what will happen, and you just can’t put yourself in a baby’s shoes, figuratively speaking.



First thing to examine is your home as a whole. Is it meant for a baby? Is it too modern or high tech, which could mean very dangerous encounters for junior? Do you still live in your bachelor/ bachelorette pad? If any of the questions arise, you should probably look for a more suitable living space.



Obvious steps to take, keep chemical out of reach of children. Yes, it reads this on every label of Windex or Lysol, but literally takes the chemicals and finds a new storage for them. If you want to keep chemicals under the sink get baby proof locks. Other things to keep in mind, furniture should be proofed. Sharp corners and glass are targets for babies’ heads. They are so clumsy in their early stages; you might want to reconsider some of your current choices.



Make sure the furniture is tall enough, and give large spaces for your little one to crawl around in. Also, keep in mind your cables on the floor. Find a better way to hide outlets and plug-ins so they aren’t drawn towards them. When considering a new home in the Ahwatukee area, you will find that most of the homes are built for families. You won’t have to worry when purchasing a home in this area, but when the bundle of job arrives BABY PROOF!

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