Dining For Women in Ahwatukee Uses Dining Out Money for Great Cause

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Dining For Women in Ahwatukee Uses Dining Out Money for Great Cause

Every third Wednesday a group of women gather, not for small chit-chat, but for ideas on how to impact the lives of women and girls worldwide! Each woman takes a turn at their Ahwatukee homes to host a dinner and discuss their views on the nonprofit. They are members of Dining for Women (DFW), an international organization that uses their own money towards their program.


Instead of going out to eat, these women save their “dining-out” funds to go towards helping others. There are more than 400 DFW chapters across the country. They have helped save hundreds of thousand of women and girls in over 30 countries to improve their lives in education, health care, vocational training, micro-credit loans and economic development projects.


Each meeting they broaden their understanding of the culture of each country through discussions, music, fair trade shopping suggestions, local recipes and suggested readings. According to the DFW website, since 2003 nearly $2.8 million has been raised to benefit women and girls worldwide, many in extreme poverty. Hard to believe, since these ladies in Ahwatukee are just sacrificing eating meals out. Visit their website at: www.DiningforWomen.org to find out more information on the program and how you can participate.



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